Need a Hotel Safe for Your Valuables?

Need a Hotel Safe for Your Valuables?

Check out our full collection in Hot Springs, AR

When you need a safe place to store your valuables, you need to find a safe that fits in your space and is large enough for your belongings. Safe Pro carries a wide range of safes in Hot Springs, AR, including data safes. Our helpful staff can help you find the right safe for your needs and will answer all your questions about your new safe.

If you have any questions about our safes, reach out to us today.

Providing the secure storage solution you need

No matter what kind of safe you're shopping for, you're sure to find it in our showroom. Just a few of the safes we carry are:

  • Wall safes
  • Data safes
  • Cash safes
  • Floor safes
  • Hotel safes
These different kinds of safes give you many options for storing your valuables. You can hide a hotel safe in a closet or wardrobe or place a floor safe under a rug. To discuss your options for your new safe, call 501-625-9805 today.

Hotel Safes


Black Color
Electronic keypad
Batteries included
Bolt Down Hardware included
Key override, Keys included

Exterior Dimensions: 7.75"H x 12.25"W x 7.75"D
Interior Dimensions: 7.5" (H) x 12" (W) x 6.25" (D)
Weight: 14.33 lbs

Data Safes


One-hour fire protection for media products (CDs, USB, External Hard Drives, ect.)
Fire rating- 1832°F outside, 125°F interior
No center Bolt-down hole
One removable shelf
Electronic Digital Lock
Protects against sprinklers, water, and humidity

Exterior Dimensions: 19-3/4"H x 13-3/4"W x 16-3/4"D
Interior Dimensions: 11-1/4''H x 4-3/4"W x 7-1/4"D
Weight: 141 lbs.

Cash Safes



"B" Rated Burglary Construction
1/2" Solid Steel Door
Total Door Thickness: 3"
(3) 1-1/4" Massive Chrome Plated Solid Steel Active Locking Bolts
UL Listed Type 1 S&G Electronic Lock
(1) Drill Resistant Hard Plate
(1) Active Spring Loaded Re-locker
(1) Full Length Locking Bar to Deter Attacks on the Hinges
(1) Removable Shelf
(4) Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes (hardware not included)

Exterior Dimensions: 14" H x 14" W x 14" D
Interior Dimensions: 13-3/4" H x 13-3/4" W x 11" D
Weight: 70 lbs.

Wall Safes


Wall safe features a protective digital electronic locking system
Safe is made of heavy duty gauge steel
Approximately .50 cubic feet of storage space, with 1/4-inch steel door
Includes two interior shelves
Has key lock override system
*Depth behind keypad is actually 1-3/8*

Exterior Dimensions (This is accounting for the exterior "lip") : 22 3/16"(H) x 14 15/16"(W) x 4"(D)
Exterior base (which goes into the wall) : 21" (H) x 13 7/8" (W) x 3 3/4" (D)
Interior Dimensions: 19"(H) x 14"(W) x 3 1/8"(D)
Weight: 28 lbs

Floor Safes


B Rated Floor Safe for Foundations
1/2" Thick Solid Steel Door
Spring loaded relocking device
Full length dead bar
Powder Coated for more durable protection
UL Listed S&G Group 2 dial with external relocker to protect against burglary attempts
(5) Solid Steel Locking Bolts
Air-spring bar enable the door can be opened easily
Drill resistant hardplate to protect lock

Exterior Dimensions: 18"(H) x 13-1/2"(W) x 23-1/2"(D)
Interior Dimensions: 16-1/2"(H) x 13"(W) x 23"(D)
Weight: 140 lbs.